Regulatory and compliance services

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Regulatory and compliance services

Dealing with the vast array of regulations and compliance issues currently in place can be a real problem for many business owners and individuals. At Teesside Law, we can work with clients from a number of industry sectors to help them obtain the various permits and licences that they need in order to trade legally.

There is considerable regulation in the UK, some of which is from EU legislation. Various areas are policed by different bodies such as the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), the Environment Agency and many others.

We have worked with both businesses and individuals across a number of areas to help with regulatory compliance including:

  • Animal welfare
  • Shotgun licences
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO’s)
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Environmental issues
  • Fly-tipping
  • Firearms
  • Food hygiene
  • Trading standards including market traders
  • Marine and fisheries law

If you have any concerns about complying with the regulations in your industry, contact Teesside Law today for a free initial consultation to find out more about how we can help.